Below is a description of the deliverables of each section:

Ε.Ε.1 – System Research, Analysis and Requirements


P1.1: Opening meeting (notes, presentations, etc.)

P1.2 Detailed Roadmap for project implementation

P1.3 Review of bibliographic research

P1.4 Technical report of the objectives and operational parameters of the final system

P1.5 Technical Report of Analysis and Requirements of the platform

P1.6 Database with signals

P1.7. Description of the devices to be used in the project.

P1.8: Quarterly meetings of working groups (notes, presentations, etc.)

Ε.Ε.2 – Sub-unit development – research


P2.1: Methodology for evaluating & collecting signals from mobile phone sensors

P2.2: Methodology for evaluating & collecting signals from the sensors of the wearable device

P2.3: Signal collection system from sensors

P2.4: User activity recognition system

P2.5: Fall Recognition System

P.2.6 Physical Tracking System

P.2.7 GPS Tracking System

P.2.8 IoT Platform

P.2.9 Algorithms and methodologies for security and data protection

P.2.10 Real-time event collection and processing methodology Π.2.11 Mobile and Platform Front-end (CMS)

P.2.12 Digital activity recognition applications

P.2.13 Design and development of profiling techniques

P.2.14 Base of user / signals / parameters

P.2.15 Platform management page

P.2.16 Web Services for entering data in the database such as user signal parameters from the mobile phone

ΕΕ 3: Research, design and improvement of proposed methodologies and system, validation of the proposed technology, Commercial Reports


P.3.1 Laboratory Tests and Delivery of the Original No1

P.3.2 Laboratory Tests and Delivery of the final Original

P.3.3 Dissemination of results (strategy planning, production of supporting material, participation in promotional activities)

P.3.4 Participation in trade fairs

ΕΕ 4: Pilot


P.4.1 Design of the pilot

P.4.2 Pilot implementation

P.4.3 Pilot evaluation, including recommendations from end users

Τρόποι εκμετάλλευσης του συστήματος

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