Target / Goal

The goal of Track my Health is to design an innovative methodology for processing, analyzing, collecting…

all bio-signals that can come from a mobile phone as well as a portable device (eg brachial plexus) such as heart rate sensors, blood pressure, gyroscope sensor and accelerometer sensor. The application will use automated sensory / motor control, detect risks and critical health conditions of those who monitor and provide effective support.

System exploitation

Trak my health Web App

The ways in which the system is exploited vary. The flexibility offered by its installation and use can be a complete product for people with health problems and lonely employees. The experience and know-how acquired by Terracom S.A., currently having more than 750 customers in 63 countries, will help establish the product as a first choice solution domestically and internationally. The extensive experience in projects of similar size held by all members of this partnership as well as their different and complementary skills, guarantee the successful implementation of this project.

The System

The proposed system includes the automated recognition and evaluation of human activity. The usefulness of a system that automatically evaluates and classifies the physical activity performed by humans is extremely important for many applications in the field of monitoring the normal state of people and consequently their health.

Recognition, evaluation and categorization of human activity will be carried out by designing appropriate machine learning algorithms. Most automated categorization systems use supervised classifiers, which use a set of training signals where the category is known in the system in advance.

Ensuring low-level connectivity with devices that support BLE technology is crucial. The aim is to research and design an innovative methodology for processing, analyzing, collecting all bio-signals that may come from a mobile phone and a portable device (eg bracelet brace) such as heart rate, blood pressure sensors, sensor gyroscope and accelerometer sensor. All this data / signals are sensitive, they must be properly protected both during their sending and storage in the Cloud, and for this purpose the appropriate algorithms that will be integrated in the final system will be developed.

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The purpose of Track my Health is to research, design, develop and create an integrated methodology and the corresponding platform that will provide support and monitoring of the physical condition of people who are at risk for their health, either because they belong to vulnerable groups or because of the remote their work environment.